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  1. How can I block junk mail arriving to my home?If you want to stop unwanted junk mail from arriving at your home you can contact the Irish Direct Marketing Association (IDMA) on 01-8304752. They will send a mail preference form and once this is completed and returned, your name will be removed from their database of which serves approximately 280 companies. The MPS form only covers mail originating in Ireland. This form is available from the Dublin helpdesk, who will be happy to email it on to you (
    For other companies which are not members of the IDMA or for mail originating outside of Ireland it is more difficult to put a stop to junk mail. You can write to the individual companies as they are legally obliged to respond and remove your name from their database within 40 days.
  2. How can I find eco-tips to reduce, reuse or recycle my waste?For helpful advice and links on how to reduce, reuse or recycle waste, check out the "waste and litter" section of the "Environment" zone.Click here
  3. How can I find out the different recycling waste categories?For a complete index of all the different waste categories visit here..
  4. How can I find out the waste charge for my black/ grey bin collection? Dublin City Council provides extensive FAQs on bin services and charges on their website. Click here for more information.
  5. How can I find out ways to reduce waste and save money?There are a number of steps that you can take to both reduce your household waste and save you money. For instance, Re-Use as many household items as possible, Get yourself a home composting bin for organic and green waste, Buy recyclable products and in particular items which can be recycled through the green wheelie bin. For more comprehensive advice visit
  6. How can I find out what I can compost?For more information on composting check out the composting section in Click >>Here<<
  7. How can I find out what I can put into the green bins?Aluminium Cans: Beverage cans including Coca-Cola, beer cans, etc. Steel: Food cans including beans, peas, fruit, etc. Pet food cans such as dog and cat food. Jam jar lids.

    Mixed Cardboard: Food boxes such as cereal boxes, pizza boxes, teabag boxes, egg cartons, shoe boxes.

    Paper: Newspapers, magazines, office paper, telephone directories, school books, junk mail, etc.

    Cardboard Cartons: Milk, juice, soup rice, custard, etc.
    For more see:
  8. How can I find out where to dispose white goods, electrical goods and bulky items? provide such information here.
  9. How can I find what I cannot put in the green bin?Oil: This is a hazardous substance that must be disposed of properly. Envelopes: Envelopes with the clear plastic windows, as we are currently not recycling plastic.

    Wallpaper: Most wallpaper contains a certain amount of plastic therefore is not pure paper.

    Glass: Glass is a recyclable product but it cannot be placed in the Oxygen Green Bin. It may be brought to your local Bring Bank centre. They are usually located at supermarkets, libraries, etc.

    Plastic: Bubble wrap, cling film, etc. cannot be placed in the Green Bin. Plastic is a recyclable product but at present Oxygen does not collect it.

    Garden Waste: Grass, shrubs, timber, clay, etc. are suitable for composting not recycling so therefore we do not accept them.

    Sanitary: Sanitary towels and nappies cannot be recycled.

    Polystyrene: Not collected.

    Clothes: We do not collect any item of clothing for recycling.

    Ash: Ashes cannot be recycled.

    Electrical Appliances: Computers, televisions, etc. cannot be placed in the Green Bin.

    Cans: Aerosol cans must not be placed in the Green Bin.

    Tissue: Tissue cannot be recycled.
  10. How can I recycle glass?You can find a full list of Bring and Recycling centres in Dublin and surrounding areas by clicking here.
  11. How can I reduce my household waste?Prevention and reduction of waste is at the top of the waste management hierarchy. It is the most desirable method of waste management as the absence of waste means there is no need for the handling, transport or treatment of waste and the problems associated with this.
  12. How can I report incidents and lodge a pollution complaint?Pollution incidents should be reported in the first instance to the local authority in whose area the incident occurred. If the incident concerns a facility that holds an Environment Protection Agency (EPA) licence you should also report the incident directly to the nearest EPA Office. Registers listing all EPA licence holders are available on the EPA website at

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