What is a sports injury?

Sports InjuryA sports injury is any injury or condition that prohibits you from taking part in your regular sport, fitness or recreational activity. The injury may or may not have occurred while participating in your activity. These injuries do not include work-related injuries or motor vehicle accidents.

You will usually feel the discomfort of an overuse injury within 24 hours. The main symptoms are a dull ache, a twinge when the joint is moved a certain way, or a burning or shooting pain when the injured area is touched or weight is put on it. Swelling may occur and you will find that exercise causes discomfort or pain.


  • Prepare for exercise/activities - Understand what muscle groups will be used in exercise and slowly start conditioning them.
  • Stretching - Muscles and joints need to warm up before strenuous activity. Also allow for a "cooling down" period after excessive stresses and strains.
  • Proper equipment -  ensure your footear will provide adequate support and protection for the activity you are doing. Cheaper is not always better. Running in a pair of cheaply made runners may cause discomfort and injury in the future.
  • Don't force the body - If an activity doesn't feel comfortable, do not continue, consult your coach or trainer as it could be due to an improper technique. An incorrect foot plant or stride can lead to ankle or other related injuries. And don't exercise when injured or sick as this can cause the condition to worsen.
  • Know your limits - Pushing yourself beyond practical limits of activity can lead to injury. If you feel pain or lightheadedness, stop and take a breath. Start only when feeling better. Consult your coach/trainer if this is recurrent.
  • Rest and relaxation - At least once a week, give the body a rest.

Warning: Doing too much hard training can devastate your muscles, harass your hormonal system, and implode your immune system
Strenuous training must be balanced optimally with rest and recovery in order to reach the mountain-top

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