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What is Life Coaching and is it for me?

By Caitlin O’Connor, Director Accelerating Performance

Coaching provides a powerful rich learning environment in which individuals will learn how to enhance their lives, improve their performance and find true happiness. Now, we will discuss what exactly coaching is and how to choose a great coach. Over the next number of weeks we will discuss such topics as well being, confidence, decision making and many more in much more detail.

CaitlinCaitlin O’Connor is founder and managing director of  Accelerating Performance , with extensive experience in the area of organizational development at strategic, operational and tactical levels. After training with Centre for Professional and Personal Development as a life and business coach. Caitlin  has married her coaching expertise with her corporate exposure to bring a fresh approach across such areas as workplace innovation, thought leadership, positive thinking together with stimulating work-life balance. She brings a breadth of expertise having experience of both managing start-up environments as well as established businesses.   more>>

Personal coaching focuses attention on dreams and passions and helps turn them into achievable goals. With coaching you will become proactive rather than reactive.

Coaching is the process of designing your vision of where you want to go and establishing goals to get you there. En route you may have some hurdles to jump! Your coach will tech you how to jump such hurdles as negative thoughts and to accelerate your goals and ambitions. In many cases your thought process may have to be retrained but all with extreme positive results.

Coaching gives clarity and focus to our lives, contributing to greater fulfillment and happiness professionally, academically and personally.  It is all about making your life more fulfilled, providing balance – all leading to the ultimate goal of "authentic happiness".

You will learn to visualize, creating your vision of the future. As Disney says “If you can dream it, you can make it” Two of the greatest talents or traits anyone can have are to doodle and to dream. The secret then is to make these dreams a reality. This is where you personal Coach can act as a catalyst. Keep dreaming and doodling!

Your coach will determine your passions and focus attention in transforming them into achievable goals. You will become proactive rather than reactive.

How will coaching assist individuals?

  • Treat every individual as unique and as the remarkable individual that they are
  • Listen carefully to everything they have to say
  • Respect confidentiality and always be non-judgmental
  • Help individuals become more self- aware and focused on their goals
  • Work with clients to develop strategies to fulfill their true potential
  • Support and encourage 100% of the way
  • Celebrate successes and accomplishments throughout their lives
  • Acts as a catalyst in achieving goals, aspirations, dreams
  • Ensure client has renewed fulfillment and authentic happiness 

"The best secrets of the successful is to hire a personal coach."
Jack Cranfield

Choosing a coach

Everyone should have a coach or mentor. Without assistance we only reach 16% of our potential. When engaging a coach it is important to ensure that your coach resonates with you, that is you feel comfortable together. This is your time, and your coach will have no agenda other than your goals, therefore it is important that you trust your coach. In addition it is of importance to ensure that your coach is fully qualified through a recognized coaching body. Coaching is a very positive experience and will bring your life to new heights.

In summary

  • Coaching is about action
  • Coaching is a process – The learning along the way provides for a fabulous future.
  • Choose the right coach for you – An experience coach who is able to work on the area where you want results
  • Success breeds success – When you notice your successes in the first place, cultivate the habit of appreciation and gratitude on a daily basis. Your life needs to be great now, not next year.

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