Colds And Flu

ColdOn average, an adult will catch two to four colds per year. There is no cure for the common cold but medication can be taken to help relieve the symptoms. The reason we never become immune to colds is that there are between 150 and 200 different strains of the cold virus. After suffering one strain we become immune to it but we are still open to catching a different one.

The early symptoms of colds and flu are very similar, but if you are still able to function while suffering these symptoms you probably just have a cold. If you can’t, you are best off to stay in bed for at least two days. Some symptoms include, headache, runny nose, throat ache, tiredness, aching limbs and fever.

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    Sometimes it can be quite difficult to tell the difference between the common cold and the flu because many of the symptoms are similar. However, there are differences, as outlined... more »
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    The early symptoms of colds and flu are similar. Colds, however, initially affect only the upper respiratory tract – the nose, throat and upper chest. Expect a cold to last between five and seven days...more » has been made possible by the support of Dublin City Council © 2016