Bringing Pets to Ireland

DogNational Legislation is present in Ireland as regards the importation of pets so as to keep the country rabies free. A new system is in place within the EU called the Pet Passport System which allows pets to be brought directly into Ireland from low-risk rabies countries. Certain conditions apply as outlined on the ISPCA website. Pets traveling from outside the qualifying EU countries will be subject to six months quarantine.

To travel to Ireland from approved countries under the Pet Passport system you must follow these regulations:

  • Your pet must be accompanied
  • Your pet must be travelling from and eligible country under the scheme
  • Your pet must be travelling on an approved carrier, for a list click here
  • Your pet must be be over three months old   
  • Your pet must be micro-chipped and have been vaccinated against rabies after being micro-chipped
  • Your pet must have been successfully blood-tested
  • Your pet must have had a successful bloodtest at least 6 months ago and only have entered other eligable countries since then.
  • Your pet must be treated for tick and tapeworm 24 to 48 hours before check-in at ferry

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