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Health Services

The following links are for relevant health services:

  • Adoption Board / Authority
    The Government has decided to establish the current Adoption Board as a new central adoption authority. Legislation will be required and is in preparation... more »
  • Amnesty International
    Aims to promote the rights of one in four Irish people affected by mental illness. In Ireland, mental health care has not received the commitment and resources that it deserves... more »
  • Aware
    Aware is a voluntary organization whose aims are to assist that section of the population who are directly affected by depression. more »
  • Blood Transfusion Service
    Donating blood makes it possible for many people to lead normal healthy lives. Every year thousands of patients require blood transfusions in our hospitals.. more »
  • Cancer Registry
    This is the official web site of the Irish National Cancer Registry. The Irish National Cancer Registry was set up in 1991 and began registering cancers nationwide in January 1994. more »
  • Citizens Information
    Information about public services in Ireland. All you need to know about health insurance, blood donations and medical cards in Ireland. more »
  • Consultative Council on Hepatitis C
    The Consultative Council was established by the Minister for Health and Children on the 26 November 1996 by Statutory Instrument, to advise him on all matters relating to Hepatitis C. more »
  • Crisis Pregnancy Agency
    The Crisis Pregnancy Agency is a planning and co-ordinating body established to formulate and implement a strategy to address the issue of crisis pregnancy in Ireland. more »
  • Dental Health Foundation
    The Dental Health Foundation plays an important role in facilitating and supporting the promotion of oral health in Ireland. more »
  • Department of Health and Children
    The Department of Health and Children's statutory role is to support the Minister in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services. more » has been made possible by the support of Dublin City Council © 2016