Preference for deleting messages in Trash – 15:30 25/01/11

UPDATE @ 15:39: We’ve completed the scheduled update. Members can now automatically delete the Trash by going to ‘Settings’, scrolling down to ‘Empty Trash on Logout’ and switching it to ‘On’.

We’ve been issued with a small patch for the email system that we’re keen to install right away. It re-instates a feature that we’ve been missing badly since the major update last year, principally the ability to delete messages automatically from the Trash. However, to install it we need to close off access temporarily and we’ll be doing that at 3.30pm this afternoon (25th). We anticipate the maximum time for us to backup, install and test will be 15/30 minutes. All incoming mail will be held temporarily on our master spam filter so you won’t be missing mail that is sent in during this time. We thank you again for your patience.

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