One City One People Campaign 2014

Dublin City Council's Office for Integration (OFI) will lead their fourth campaign focused on the city's immigrant population to promote inclusion, integration and to combat racism and discrimination. Titled One City One People the campaign will use a variety of mediums to promote the message that Dublin is an open city, a city which respects and embraces difference, is accessible, safe and equal and does not accept racism and discrimination.
This initiative is led by Dublin City Council's Office for Integration with the support of the Office for the promotion of Migrant Integration. It runs from April to June 2014 and features a key advertising campaign on all city transport networks with Transport Ireland and Immigrant Council of Ireland, a conference, seminars, A Migrant Voters Registration promotion campaign in advance of the Local and MEP elections in May, forums for discussion and debate and sports events and a concert at venues around Dublin City.


  • OFI One City Transport campaign in association with Transport Ireland and the Immigrant Council of Ireland will run from 8th-20th April 2014.

  • Migrant Voters Campaign April- May 2014.

    migrant voters 14 The right to vote is a key democratic and human right that is a vital part of our modern world. We can take for granted at times the right to vote and forget that in many countries this right is still denied to many. Great Leaders have fought for the right to vote and have their voice heard in the decision making and management of our cities, counties, countries and wider parliamentary bodies.
    Ireland offers all residents, regardless of citizenship the right to vote in local elections and this is an important right and opportunity for our country and city.
    Only one other country in Europe- Malta offers the same right.
    Regardless of your status as Irish Citizen or Migrant you have the right to vote. Diversity Advantage is a foundation we must build on and develop for our city of Dublin and Elections encourage the public to cast their vote, give their opinion, engage in political debate but overall to ensure they use their right to be part of the decision making process.
    The Office for Integration are working the Franchise Section in Dublin City Council, with many Migrant organisations and with all leaders of community groups Irish or migrant based to share the information and to help promote the right to vote in the coming month. We aim to ensure our city knows they have a right to register before May 6th to be on the electorate and to ensure their right to vote is in place before May 23rd 2014.

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    one city one book 14
  • One City One Book 2014: If Ever you Go
    If Ever You Go : a map of Dublin in poetry and song is a collection of poems, ballads and songs from a range of literary luminaries connected with Dublin. The book will enable the reader to continually make new connections and discoveries on a virtual tour of the City of Words. Edited by Pat Boran and Gerard Smyth and published by Dedalus Press, If Ever You Go : a map of Dublin in poetry and song is a unique volume of writing about Dublin, from early to modern times and will be available to borrow from libraries and to buy in bookshops from February 2014.

  • Conference: Museums as places for Intercultural Dialogue and Learning
    Intercultural learning and dialogue is at the heart of the Chester Beatty Library's exhibition and learning programme.
    museums as...conference
    For over 10 years, the Library has lead the way in developing links with its immediate and international diverse communities as reflected in the Collections. This day-long seminar will explore how Irish and international museum practice recognises the need to work with external partners and groups as well as acknowledge the changing face of national identities in the twenty-first century.The seminar's theme relates to the diversity and inclusion urban policy agenda advocated by the Intercultural Cities programme of the Council of Europe of which Dublin is a leading participant.

  • Experience Japan: April 13th 2014

    experience japan 2014The main Experience Japanese festival day will be on Sunday 13th April 2014 in the lovely surroundings of Farmleigh House & Estate in the Phoenix Park. This event brings together groups interested in Japan and Japanese culture in a Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Festival. Traditionally at this time of year across Japan groups come together for a community celebration marking the appearance of the Cherry Blossom very often accompanied with the sound of the traditional Taiko drums.
    All activities are free with stage performances as well as demonstrations and workshops. Activities will start at 12noon and run until 4pm.
    A variety of other events will also run during first two weeks of April and more information will be available shortly!

  • European Elections: LGBT Hustings
    come out

    GLEN and TENI invite you to come along and meet with the candidates from Dublin running for election to the European Parliament to discuss the importance of the European Union for LGBT people in Ireland and across Europe.
    Date: Wednesday April 30th
    Venue: Wood Quay Venue, Dublin 8.
    Time: 8pm (Followed by refreshments)
    Please RSVP to or office@teni.ieor on Facebook
    Are you registered to vote?
    Check the register at If you are not there, closing date to be added to the register is May 6th

  • Start Your Business Spring Seminar , April 24th 6.30-8pm
    Central Library, Ilac Shopping Centre, Henry St, Dublin

  • Centre for Creative Practices: tibetan gongs
    Centre for Creative Practices, founded in September 2009, is the only arts centre in Ireland dedicated to connecting, integrating and promoting immigrant, experimental and emerging artists among the local arts scene and audiences. They connect the artists back into society to both the audiences and artists benefit. Since 2009 CFCP has engaged 600 immigrant artists and 200 local niche artists. All of them needed professional support, resources and promotion to be able to pursue their artistic vocation.
    As part of One City One People 2014 Centre for Creative Practices have a number of events on we are happy to promote:

    - April 1st 8pm: Folly from this ...Improvised Music from Poland and Ireland
    - April 3rd 8pm: Indian Classical Music Concert
    - 13th April 4pm: Introduction to Sound Healing with Tibetan Gongs
    - 13th April 7pm: German Film Night: Hannah Arendt
    - Opening 25 April 6-9pm Mon-Fri 12-7pm Until 8 May; Marcin Bialas Exhibition - An Organism Named City


Intercultural Events taking place in the Libraries April - June 2014 . Download the pdf below
Library Events| pdf 480kb

  • 25 years of Polish Freedom

A Series of Public Talks Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Defeat of Communism in Poland
Throughout 2014, we invite you to take part in the series of talks with 4 different guests who, back in the Communist era, were leading personalities in Polish public life. Our guests have been selected in such a way as to present different (and possibly opposing) perspectives on the Polish political transformation of 1989. They will share their impressions, memories, hopes and possibly disappointments over the events of late 1980s and early 1990s in Poland, of which they were central figures in their own respective fields.
For more information go to

  • Social Inclusion Week: May 19th-23rd

  • Africa Day: May 25th 2014

    africaTo celebrate Africa Day 2014, Irish Aid is hosting Africa Day Dublin-the flagship family event to celebrate Africa Day in Ireland-on
    Sunday, 25th May from 11am to 6pm in Farmleigh, in Dublin's Phoenix Park.
    We are now accepting applications from organisations who would like to participate in Africa Day Dublin.


  • DELI Migrant Entrepreneurship Seminar:
    - Diversity in the Economy and Local Integration - DELI

  • PRIDE 2014:
    PRIDE 2014 will have Family as a focus and theme and "One City One People" will be supporting this diverse event now one of the biggest festivals and parades in the city attracting thousands each year. The importance of working towards equality and saying No to discrimination is still ongoing and the OFI will host a number of projects within the Festival to discuss and encourage education. One main seminar will look at 'Sexuality in the Migrant Community' as part of the Pride Family Seminar series.

  • China Meets Ireland 26 May-2 June 2014
    - Traditional and New Music from China and Ireland;
    Thursday, 29 May 1.15pm St. Ann's Church, Dawson St.
    Saturday, 31 May 7.00pm St. Patrick's Cathedral. has been made possible by the support of Dublin City Council © 2016